Compile Findings

Once you have conducted your analysis and gathered relevant information, it is essential to compile your findings in a comprehensive manner. MetaSleuth has some great features to help you compile your findings effectively.

Private Labels

During the analysis process, you can add private labels to addresses and transactions to record your own understanding of the specific address or transaction. These private labels serve as personal notes or annotations.

In contrast to private labels, MetaSleuth also provides default public labels supported by the BlockSec Address Label Library. These public labels offer standardized and publicly recognized tags for addresses, helping you gain additional insights or information about specific addresses or transactions.


When you come across words that can enhance understanding of the charts and the underlying story, simply utilize the Memo feature.

Custom Watermark

You have the option to upload your watermark and place it anywhere on the canvas. Additionally, you can attach a hyperlink to your watermark, allowing it to direct viewers to your website.

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