Save and Share

Once you have made significant discoveries and progress in your investigation using MetaSleuth, it is important to save and share your findings.

Save Your Work

MetaSleuth provides a built-in saving feature that allows you to save your current investigation progress. This ensures that you can come back to it later.

Export the Data

You can export the relevant data, such as transaction details, asset transfers, or analysis results, in a suitable format. MetaSleuth supports various export options, including CSV and PNG, depending on your needs.

Share Your Findings

After organizing the fund flow, utilizing memos to note details, and even adding your personal watermark, it's time to share your findings with others. You might want to share it with the media to open-source your findings or with other investigators to further the investigation.

MetaSleuth facilitates this through the 'Share Chart' feature, allowing you to easily share your analysis with others to explore the current canvas content, delve into details, and even continue editing it.

What can others do with my shared link?

When you share a link generated by MetaSleuth, it captures a snapshot of the current canvas content and associates it with that specific URL. Those who have access to the shared link can view the snapshot and explore all the details on the canvas. If others choose to edit the snapshot, it creates a separate copy that can be modified, saved, and shared independently from the original snapshot.

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